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Citizenship Selfie is an affordable online platform that was created by immigration attorneys to make applying for citizenship easy. Its software guides applicants through each step of the application process, starting from eligibility. help them complete their application online with easy automated forms. Once they’ve finished, an experienced immigration attorney will thoroughly review the applications before they are filed.

In addition, Citizenship Selfie offers one year of unlimited access to a variety of study materials
prepared by immigration attorneys to help you ace your citizenship exam. You can view instructional videos to learn civics, study with flashcards and games, and take practice exams to record your improvement.

Depending on the applicant’s needs, some of Citizenship Selfie’s plans also include assistance from an immigration law firm while the application is pending!

Form N-648, Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions, should be submitted when applicable based on medical certification for disability exceptions. This form allows individuals with certain disabilities to request exemptions from certain naturalization requirements.

If an applicant has had trouble filling out government applications in the past, if they struggle with taking exams, or if they are not confident in your English proficiency, Citizenship Selfie can help.
But not everyone should use Citizenship Selfie. For example, if an applicant has a criminal history or if they have lied to a government official in order to get an immigration benefit, they should not use Citizenship Selfie, and they should contact a qualified attorney for personalized representation.
If an applicant would like to use Citizenship Selfie, but they aren’t sure if it’s right for them, they can take our quick eligibility questionnaire and find out!

A person who has unconditional permanent residence, obtained their green card through a US citizen spouse, and is still married to that spouse, can apply after 3 years. Note: you may send in your application 3 months before this mark. If you are no longer married to your petitioner spouse or you applied for permanent residence through your employment, you may apply for citizenship after 5 years.

During the naturalization interview, applicants are asked a random selection of civics questions. The interview process assesses the applicant’s knowledge of U.S. history and government. Generally, applicants are asked ten questions and must answer at least six correctly to pass this portion of the test.

Passing the reading, writing, and civics portions of the naturalization test is an essential step in the process. However, USCIS considers various other factors before approving the Form N-400 naturalization application, including good moral character, continuous residence, and meeting all eligibility requirements.

No, hiring a lawyer is not mandatory to apply for U.S. citizenship application. While the naturalization process can be complex, individuals can complete the application independently. However, working with an experienced immigration attorney can provide valuable guidance, especially if the case involves any complexities or issues that need legal expertise.

During the naturalization process, you have the legal option to change your name if desired. Whether before or after your naturalization is approved, you can follow the appropriate legal procedures for a name change. It’s a straightforward process that allows you to adopt a new name of your choice. Once your application is complete, you can proceed with the name change, and it won’t affect your eligibility for U.S. citizenship. Before or after, you can choose a name with personal significance. Embrace this opportunity to align your identity with your journey toward U.S. citizenship and make it truly your own.

While having a Green Card allows travel between the United States and the home country, maintaining continuous residence in the U.S. is essential for citizenship eligibility. Living outside the U.S. for extended periods, even with a Green Card, may raise concerns about the abandonment of permanent residency and impact the naturalization application.

USCIS occasionally updates the questions on the naturalization test, but they are rare. The agency ensures that the questions reflect relevant civic knowledge and U.S. history. Therefore, applicants should stay updated with the latest materials on the USCIS website.

USCIS will inform you of the decision on Form N-648 submitted during the application process. If the form is approved, the applicant meets the requirements for disability exceptions in the naturalization process.

If you fail a portion of the naturalization test during the initial interview, USCIS will give you a second opportunity to retest the portion you failed. The retest will occur within 60-90 days of the initial interview.

Yes, the study materials on Citizenship Selfie are currently available in 15 additional languages. Sample videos in each of those languages can be found on the front page of our website.

Yes, it is important to bring original documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, to the naturalization interview. These documents serve as evidence to support the information provided in the application and may be used for verification purposes.

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