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Citizenship Selfie is a cloud-based program that enables applicants for citizenship to get expert legal advice, automated assistance with their application forms, and comprehensive exam preparation in 16 different languages.

Created by attorneys with decades of experience practicing immigration law, Citizenship Selfie offers assistance with every step of the naturalization process. Our video guides even include insights from inside the interview room, from attorneys who have been there themselves.

But unlike typical immigration attorneys, our services are accessible and affordable, with packages starting from $199.


Video Guides

Citizenship Selfie provides video guides that are fully comprehensive in nature. The videos not only provide detailed instructions to help immigrants pass their citizenship exam, it also guides them through the naturalization process itself. And it includes insights from expert immigration attorneys with insights gleaned inside the interview room.

Multi-Lingual Study Materials

Citizenship Selfie provides sample questions, interactive digital flashcards, and visual and audio practice exams that cover both civics and English proficiency–all in sixteen languages. Citizenship Selfie strives to ensure that its materials are as accessible and user-friendly as possible.

Attorney Representation at Naturalization Interview

Citizenship Selfie’s platinum plan includes additional premium features for subscribers, like individual legal representation from an experienced immigration attorney, which continues until the oath ceremony and even includes an appearance alongside you at your citizenship interview.

Eligibility Questionnaire

Citizenship Selfie eliminates many of the uncertainties surrounding eligibility with a quick eligibility questionnaire that anyone can fill out to determine whether they can apply for citizenship. Citizenship Selfie does not accept every applicant for naturalization. In some cases, such as when the applicant has a criminal history or has committed fraud for the sake of obtaining an immigration benefit, Citizenship Selfie will recommend that the applicant obtain individualized legal representation.

Expert Legal Review & Instruction

After the applicant has completed their application form, an attorney with experience in immigration law will review that application for errors, omissions, and inconsistencies. They will then approve the application for submission and inform the applicant of all of the additional documents that need to be submitted with the application, as well as how and where to make the submission.

Automated Immigration Forms

Citizenship Selfie will help ensure that applicants don’t have their applications delayed or rejected because of accidental omissions or clerical errors. Our SmartForms will auto-populate an application for naturalization from a simple applicant questionnaire, and will also alert the applicant if they fail to complete any required fields on the form.

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