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How to Crack the Citizenship Tests

One of the primary requirements for naturalization to the United States is the successful completion of the US citizenship practice tests. The US Citizenship Practice Test is designed to help candidates determine whether they have the essential knowledge of English, American history, and government procedures. 

In order to pass the citizenship test easily, applicants must show proficiency in the English language as well as a general understanding of U.S. history and government. This can be a daunting task, but with proper naturalization test study guide and citizenship test preparation, it is certainly achievable. To crack the US citizenship practice tests, applicants must be thoroughly prepared and knowledgeable about the topics covered.

What is the US Citizenship Test?

The US citizenship written test practice is designed to help candidates determine whether they have the essential knowledge of English, American history, and government procedures. This test is an important part of the citizenship application process because all citizens are required to have a fundamental knowledge of English and American history. The US citizenship practice test is comprised of 100 questions, and candidates must answer at least six out of ten questions correctly to pass. There is no limit to the number of attempts a candidate can take, but the US citizenship practice tests must be taken in person at a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office. The U.S Citizenship practice test consists of two main parts namely – English & Civics.

Both the English and Civics test determine the knowledge and understanding of the applicant. The English test evaluates the basic understanding and knowledge of the English language of the applicant, while the Civics part of the test determines whether the applicant has a basic understanding of US history and governance.

Why scaling the US citizenship practice tests is important?

The citizen test stage is  the most terrifying aspect of the naturalization process for any applicant. It is critically important to do well in citizenship tests, with proper preparation and planning you will be able to crack the test easily. Moreover, one must follow specific patterns and practice questions to overcome fear or anxiety. For a US citizen, to have a basic understanding of US history and the English language is mandatory. This is important for democracy as it upholds the value of democracy and the constitution. 

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Categories of the United States Citizenship Practice Test

The questions on the US Citizenship Practice Tests are divided into four sections: English literacy, United States history, government procedures, and civics. The English literacy section assesses a candidate’s ability to read and write in English. The United States history section measures a candidate’s knowledge of important historical events and figures. The government procedures section covers the basics of how the United States government works. The civics test for citizenship assesses a candidate’s knowledge of important civic concepts, such as the Bill of Rights.

ENGLISH TEST –The English proficiency test for citizenship is carried out to assess the basic knowledge and understanding of the English language that the applicant possesses. The English test is further sub-divided into three main parts;

  • Reading test – The reading test is carried out to assess the reading skills of the applicant. With the help of a tablet, the test is carried out in a smooth manner. A sentence will appear on the screen of the tablet and the USCIS officer will ask the applicant to read out the sentence loudly. It is okay if the applicant skips certain words or mispronounces some words. However the applicant must ensure that the reading is done correctly and the applicant must avoid unnecessary long pauses.

Tips to read fluently 

For a better reading experience and to gain more confidence, the candidate can practice reading with the help of children’s stories and books. Reading simple materials in the beginning will help the applicant to read thoroughly during the exam. The applicant needs to practice and be consistent with the reading practice. This is the only way by which the applicant will be able to take the reading test easily and with confidence.  

  • Writing Test – For the writing test, applicants will follow a similar procedure as for the reading test. An officer will read a sentence out loud, and the applicant will need to decipher it. The applicant will then write one of three sentences that were read aloud. Some mistakes, such as incorrect spelling and punctuation, are pardonable. . However, a major portion of the sentence should be written legibly and correctly with proper punctuation. The applicant also needs to ensure that they did not use any abbreviations in the sentence.

Tips for writing test

To write confidently, the applicant must practice writing with the help of an audio recording. The applicant should start by writing small sentences and then move on to complex and long sentences. With practice and proper preparation, the applicant will be able to succeed in the writing test session of the US citizenship practice tests. The writing test is just as important as the reading test, so the applicant needs to prepare accordingly.

  • Speaking test  – Spoken English is as important as reading and writing skills. During the speaking test, the ability of the applicant in speaking basic English is tested. During the speaking test, the USCIS officer will ask questions to the applicant which the applicant needs to answer properly. The ability of the applicant to speak English fluently is determined during the eligibility interview. The questions asked by the USCIS officer relate to citizenship application eligibility or they may be general questions from the civics portion. For the speaking test also, it is pardonable from the part of the applicant to mispronounce some of the words and to have no proper grammar. The applicant needs to ensure that the speech is rendered properly and the message is portrayed to the USCIS officer properly.

Tips to ace the Speaking test

In order to take the speaking test confidently, applicants need to practice speaking and constructing basic sentences. The applicant can also try listening to audiobooks, movies or interviews and try repeating the sentences uttered there. Reading children’s book and other books for beginners will help the applicant to develop reading skills as well as speaking skills.  The applicant can also practice speaking English daily by trying to communicate with their near and dear ones.

CIVICS TEST – The civics test for citizenship assesses the applicant’s knowledge in relation to United States history and government. The applicant must demonstrate that they have enough knowledge of US history and government. For this, The USA officer will select 10 questions that are to be asked of the applicant. The difficulty of the questions is proportional to the applicant’s educational background, age and so on. The applicant needs to correctly answer 6 out of 10 questions then only they will be able to pass the civics component of the US citizenship practice tests.

Tips to prepare for the Civics Test

In order to prepare well for the civics test questions and answers, the applicant needs to practice out of the question bank which contains questions in relation to US history and government. It is highly beneficial to learn through videos and interactive study tools like cards, games, quizzes and so on. It is also recommended that the applicant find a study group and learn through interaction. In case of any doubts or any clarifications needed, the applicant must consult with an expert or someone who knows the answer. The applicant also needs to ensure that proper division is carried out after learning. With proper planning, preparation and execution the applicant will be able to crack the civic test and do the same with confidence and courage. 

Who all is exempted from taking the English test?

The civic test is mandatory for all and all the applicants must take it. However, when it comes to English tests certain persons are exempted from taking the English test. These are the exemptions:

  1. An applicant who is 50 + years of age with 20 + years of permanent residence
  2. An applicant who is 55 + years of age with 15 + years of permanent residence
  3. An applicant who has a disability or impairment. In this case, the applicant need not take the civics component of the test as well.


The U.S. Citizenship Practice Test are essential in order to ensure that only those applicants who are prepared and knowledgeable about the history and governance of the United States are granted citizenship. The test is very basic and simple, and with proper planning, preparation, and execution, anyone should be able to pass it with flying colors. Applicants need to be consistent with their learning process and must be willing to work hard in order to succeed.

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